Tim Baehr
Practical Zen by Maine writer Tim Baehr

Tim Baehr

Tim Baehr has edited and written elementary-school textbooks, children’s dictionaries, technical documentation, newsletters, essays, and fiction. His textbook contributions have appeared in publications by Houghton Mifflin, Scott-Foresman, and several others.

Baehr’s short-short stories have appeared in Bacopa (Writers Alliance of Gainesville, Florida); Soundings Review (Northwest Institute of Literary Arts, Freeland, Washington); the annual journal Reflections (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, University of Southern Maine); Scared Spitless: A Silly Tree Anthology; and online at tawdrybawdry.com. His essays have appeared online at lifesherpa.com, and since 2002 on his website, www.menletter.org.

A frequent instructor at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Southern Maine, Baehr has taught flash fiction and a beginners’ course in Zen Buddhism.

Teaching Zen Buddhism led Baehr to write, field test, and publish Practical Zen: An Invitation, covering the basics of Zen in plain English.

To gather many of his writings under one umbrella, and to find a way to share the writings, Baehr established Stone Bear Publications. The Stone Bear website now has links to Practical Zen, two e-books based on essays on his Menletter site.

Baehr attended the University of Michigan, earning a degree in linguistics and going on to study psycholinguistics.

He lives in Portland, Maine, with his wife, Ann Landsberg.