Find Maine Writers is dedicated to profiling Maine’s many diverse and talented writers, publicizing their work and accomplishments, and connecting them with readers, editors, literary agents, publishers, and potential employers. Find Maine Writers is a members-only benefit of the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance. Interested writers can learn more about joining the MWPA HERE.

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The categories on Find Maine Writers were created to balance inclusivity with usability. Our goal is to provide a user-friendly service, which means that we had to consolidate some literary genres and for-hire categories. If you are a visitor or profiled writer, please use following guide when visiting the site or making your selections:

Writing Categories

Anthology: All forms of literary anthology, whether they are fiction, nonfiction, drama, or poetry. Both the editors of anthologies and the writers who have been anthologized may select this category.

Children’s: Illustrated works intended for young children and new readers. General age range: newborn to 8 years.

Crime/Thriller: Works of crime, detective fiction, espionage, mystery, noir, police procedural, thriller, and suspense.

Fiction: All forms of fiction, including anthologies. *Published writers who have not published a full-length book should select Short Fiction.

Film/Drama: Theatrical and documentary works written for stage, film, radio, television, or video.

Lifestyle: Lifestyle writing broadly defined, including subject areas such as arts, cooking, dieting, fitness, food, gaming, gardening, health, outdoor adventure, parenting, photography, self-help, sports, and travel. *Also includes professional blogging.

Nonfiction: All forms of nonfiction, including academic works, autobiographies, biographies, and anthologies. *Published writers who have not published a full-length book should select Short Nonfiction.

Maine-Themed: All books in which Maine is the primary subject or theme, including works of fiction set in Maine.

Memoir: Works of first-person nonfiction written about a specific period in a person’s life. *Autobiographies should be categorized under nonfiction.

Poetry: All works of poetry, including collected anthologies of verse. Also includes slam poetry and other forms of performance poetry.

Short Fiction: Works of short-form fiction that have been published in print and online journals, magazines, quarterlies, and anthologies. Also includes flash fiction, microfiction, and other short fictional forms.

Short Nonfiction: Essays and works of short-form nonfiction that have been published in print and online journals, magazines, newspapers, and anthologies. *Also includes professional blogging.

Speculative Fiction: Works of science fiction and fantasy, horror, supernatural, and utopian/dystopian fiction. Also includes alternative histories, fan fiction, graphic novels, and superhero fiction.

Young Adult: Works of fiction and nonfiction written for middle readers, teens, and young adults. General age range: 8 to 17 years.

For-Hire Categories

Copy Writing: Includes writing services related to advertising, business, communications, marketing, publicity, public relations, and the publishing industry.

Freelance Writing: Includes general writing services for print, online, and broadcast mediums. *Freelance writers may also select additional for-hire categories in their areas of expertise.

Grant Writing: Includes writing services related to grant proposals and nonprofit fundraising.

Journalism: Includes writing services related to investigative and feature reporting for print, online, and broadcast news outlets.

Technical Writing: Includes all forms of specialized technical-writing services, including industries such as computing/software, engineering, healthcare, manufacturing, medicine, and the sciences, among others.