Phil Wormuth
Lyrics and Liner Notes for the First Three Biptunia Albums by Maine writer Phil Wormuth

Phil Wormuth

Phil Wormuth is a poet, educator, and founder of JIP Productions (an organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the work of emerging writers unfamiliar with the best practices associated with aspects of performance, promotion, and/or the self-publishing process.)

Wormuth's first poetry anthology, Venus Remembered and Other Poems, was published in 2014. A limited second edition Venus chapbook was printed in 2016. Wormuth’s recent collaborations with Micheal W. Dean and Kip Cameron (of the band BipTunia) have resulted in a total of three spoken-word/electronic music albums, respectively titled: Brace Yourself for a Blast, Open-knife Night, and Short-circuit at the Sheep Factory (available on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and Deezer.) Lyrics and Liner Notes for the First Three BipTunia Albums is currently available on Amazon (book and Kindle.) 

BipTunia makes “Bleeding-edge electronic music that’s heavy and melodic (not harsh) that’s very listenable.” Wormuth’s poetry has been described as “Lyrical and gritty; harrowing and desolate.”

Dean and Wormuth went to college together in the Rust Belt of Western N.Y., where they formed the punk band “The Armless Children” in the early 1980’s. They lost track of each other for thirty years, reconnected in 2017, and immediately wrote, produced, and recorded this music.

Wormuth is a 2008 fellow of the Maine Writing Project and is featured in the 2013 Maine Writes anthology. He is also a founding member of the Dorcas Library Poetry Group.