Patricia Pierce Erikson
Voices of a Thousand People by Maine Writer Patricia Pierce Erikson

Patricia Pierce Erikson

A native of Maine, Patricia Pierce Erikson, PhD, APR lives two miles out to sea and crosses Portland Harbor from Peaks Island by ferry every day.

She publishes about travel and Peaks Island's literary community at Peaks Island Press.

Approaching grant writing as strategic storytelling, she has received grants from the National Science Foundation, Smithsonian Institution, Inter-American Foundation, and Maine Women Writers Collection to fund her research and publications.

A cultural anthropologist, Patricia has taught anthropology and Native American Studies at several colleges and universities and has published nonfiction in academic journals and popular magazines, including Cultural Anthropology, Museum Anthropology, Arctic, and Portland Magazine.

As a nationally certified public relations professional (APR), Erikson works as Director of Communications & Government Relations for Saint Joseph's College in Standish, Maine where she also serves as Editor of the college's magazine.

She shares her public relations and instructional design expertise at Whitecap Consulting Maine.