Nat Goodale
Vacationland by Maine Writer Nat Goodale

Nat Goodale

Vacationland is Nat Goodale's first novel, set in Knox and Waldo counties in Maine. Donny Coombs is a fifth-generation lobsterman out of Lincolnville, and three factions want him dead. His diabolical neighbors—from away—are on a crusade to save Maine from the Mainers. His girlfriend's upperclass father is bent on killing their relationship. And an Islesboro lobsterman covets Donny's territory and isn't getting the messages to back off.

Ugly undercurrents and spring tight tensions lie beneath the pristine surface of whitecaps on blue bays and schooner sails on the horizon. The hostilities come to a boil and the results are not pretty.

Goodale's second novel, Once Upon a Nightmare, is due out the summer of 2014. It is a story of one man's descent into the underworld of drug running in the 1980s, and his ingenious and graceful exit. Goodale is a forty-year resident of Waldo county. He raised a family, raised sheep, sold airplanes, captained a water taxi, ran a picnic business, imported a line of Norwegian polyethylene boats, and ran a boatyard. He knows this territory. He holds a hundred-ton captain's license; a single engine, land, and sea instrument rated pilot's license; and a class A driver's license.

Goodale is married and has four children. He presently divides his time between Lincolnville and Cuenca, Ecuador, where he is writing his third novel, A Maximum Mistake. The book tells five interlocking stories that reveal the effect of narco trafficking and the war on drugs on Latin American culture.