Michael H. Goyet
Messiah by Maine writer Mike Goyet

Michael H. Goyet

Messiah: The Quest to Save Humanity is Mike Goyet's first novel and is scheduled to be released in September 2015 by Young Street Publications in Topsham, Maine. Messiah is book one of a trilogy.

Messiah is a science fiction/historical fantasy novel set ten years in the future. It is a timely story of love, religion, intrigue, and unexplainable technology. In a world decimated by decades of terrorism, political corruption, and cultural and moral decay, an elite group of dedicated religious leaders and scientists devise a plan to save mankind from immanent destruction. Deep in the Iraqi desert, archaeologists discover ancient DNA that offers an option for their salvation. It is determined that the best way to bring peace to the world and save humanity is to use that DNA and create a Messiah.

The plan hinges on a beautiful young woman from Indiana. Unaware of the plan, her safety and cooperation are necessary for success. Where corruption, greed, and inept political leaders have failed, the Messiah will succeed in bringing forth a lasting peace and save humanity.

Goyet is a graduate of Westbrook High School. He attended Maine Maritime Academy and the University of Southern Maine. For the past 21 years, he has lived in Saco with his wife Karen of 33 years. They have three adult children. Mike is an entrepreneur owning the Design Center LLC., a commercial and hospitality design firm in Saco, Maine.