John Clapp III
Song of the Siren by Maine writer John Clapp III

John Clapp III

Scallop diver, Mississippi River boatman, Gulf of Mexico Supply boatman. Founder of Cellardoor Winery, stern man, herring boat captain, Manhattan cab driver, and sailor. Founder of the Old Granite Inn Rockland.

John has seen many interesting sights on land and under the sea. He has spent a large proportion of his life on the very islands and boats that he loves to portray in his stories. He considers himself a smiling observer of humanity.

John recently wrote Song of the Siren to expose the powers of the well known, but relatively undocumented, Sirens of the sea. Stella and Arianna are Sirens who hail from the coast of Italy. They visit Ballastone Island off the coast of Maine. Yes, they are attractive, smart, and surprisingly human. Though fearless, Sirens exhibit a highly-intense sense of anger, pleasure, and curiosity. The setting for Song of the Siren is outer Penobscot Bay, ranging from Ballastone Island, to Vinalhaven Island and Rockland. Rumors of sea Sirens increase as the Rockland Coast Guard Commandant struggles to explain why the mounting number of tragedies in his jurisdiction are suddenly off-the-charts.

John is compiling four existing novellas into a book titled: Four Stories Deep.

Hourglass: Drina is a young boat captain. She is attacked by petty criminals who she chases out to the islands. At some point Drina must choose between forgiveness and revenge. Whatever her choice, the outcome is explosive.

Tom Shine: Ben Barton is chased off the mainland by a gang of local mobsters. While hiding out in an island town, Ben befriends Tom Shine, the town drunk. They are forced to deal with a Swiss scientist, who believes, if you feed humans to lobsters, then eat the lobsters, you will be able to regenerate lost limbs.

My Sister’s Tea Room: Two sweet sisters whose family was murdered, take up residence on an island and open a tea room. To achieve their diabolical goal, the sisters spike the coffee and tea with speed. The entire town becomes happily addicted, and in time, completely frazzled.

Dogtooth Violet: Violet Kilmer, a clam digger, distrusts anyone who has money or education. Her sister decides to sell their rundown homestead, Kilmer Kastle, so she can buy drugs. Dogtooth Violet does everything in her power to save her family home. Mud over matter.