John Bragg
The Broom of God by Maine writer John Bragg

John Bragg

John Bragg, renowned climber and mountaineer, was one of the pioneers in the free climbing revolution in the US in the 1970’s, and the development of modern ice climbing techniques in New Hampshire. He also lead several important first ascents in the Patagonian Andes. He has written articles for a variety of climbing publications including National Geographic, the American Alpine Journal, Climbing, Mountain, and Rock & Ice.

Bragg was captivated by Patagonia—that land of myth, of soaring granite towers, tremendous glaciers, vast lakes, of rugged beauty and hidden cruelty, and a wind so strong it is called the Broom of God—during his first expedition in 1974, and has returned again and again, exploring and climbing in both Argentina and Chile.

His novel, The Broom of God, a mystery/thriller, takes place in remote Chilean Patagonia, where a few hardy settlers—campesinos, pobledores, gauchos—eke a living out of a harsh and difficult land. An American climber is found murdered. Danger lurks in the very landscape, secrets are everywhere, and the past, Chile’s dark and tortured political past, infects the present. The book was selected as one of five “New Voices” at the 2016 Misty Valley Book Festival in Chester, Vermont, and was short listed for the Mountain Fiction Prize at the 2017 Banff Book and Film Festival.

Bragg is a graduate of Harvard University. He is currently working to finish his second novel. He lives in Rockport.