Dave Norman
Following Josh by Maine writer Dave Norman

Dave Norman

Dave Norman is the author of four books, including Following Josh (f/64 Publishing, 2011), White River Junctions (f/64 Publishing, 2011), 501 Paintball Tips (Tate Publishing, 2008), and A Small Town Celebration (f/64 Publishing, 2010). He specializes in narrative nonfiction.

Dave’s work has appeared regularly in newsstand magazines, literary magazines, and newspapers, since 2002. He has served as a newsstand magazine editor for Beckett Media, Harris Publications, and as a field editor for smaller media groups. Dave has published articles on travel, sports, hunting, defense, and current affairs.

To research his most recent book, Following Josh, Dave spent 10 weeks riding the Trans Mongolian and Trans Siberian railroads from Beijing, China, to Warsaw, Poland. The travelogue also documents his changing relationship with childhood friend Josh Vise as they each use the trip to mark transitions in their lives—Josh as he returns from living abroad, and Dave as he settles down with his fiancée.

Dave travels extensively to research and promote his books, having visited nearly every US state and more than twenty countries. The best tea he’s found was in India, the best coffee in Thailand, and by far the dodgiest accommodations in Nepal.

Dave is currently at work both writing his own books and editing manuscripts for others. His ambitions are fueled by dangerous amounts of coffee.

Dave is a 2007 graduate of Dartmouth College’s Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program, and a 2004 graduate of Westminster College. He lives in greater Portland, Maine.