Christopher Maloney
Healing Your Back by Maine Writer Christopher Maloney

Christopher Maloney

Christopher Maloney started writing when he was seven, penning such dramatic prose in his elementary school diary as, “We go to lunch!” Clearly, he was fated to be an author.

On the way to authorship, Christopher discovered acting, culminating in an ensemble Swarthmore college production of Romeo and Juliet where he played both the Prince and Tybalt. Possibly the only time in history when the entrance of the Prince (looking flustered after Tybalt’s very recent death) crying “Where are the vile beginners of this fray?” has been greeted with laughter.

Wanting to make himself employable as both a theater and science teacher, Christopher worked at Harvard College during the day while completing his science classes at night. Over three years, he discovered that he had a real knack for science and went full premed. But rather than become an M.D., Christopher took a detour into alternative medicine when he realized that antibiotic resistance would alter the face of medicine in his lifetime.

Accompanied by his stronger, better wife, Christopher did four years of medical school in Portland, Oregon. He did his interning in Singapore and managed to juggle childcare in medical school by wiring the entire school for remote viewing rooms (and they say a theater degree is useless). At graduation, Christopher followed his wife back to Maine, where he has been practicing and writing ever since.

Dr. Christopher Maloney, N.D., has published as a columnist for Hepatitis magazine, contributed to NDNR, and writes medical self-help books (Tending Your Internal Garden, Helping Your NF1 Child, Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, Healing Your Back of Chronic Pain and others). When he isn’t working as a Naturopathic Doctor, he writes YA speculative horror fiction as C.J. Maloney (The Marquis Papers I, II, III and IV), as well as historical fiction (Two Pennies), fantasy (Page Turner) and science fiction (Miner Six).