Christine Richards
Postmark by Christine Richards

Christine Richards

Christine Richards began her writing life as a letter writer. “It started when my mother sat me down alongside my brother and sister to write thank you notes to our grandparents,” she says. “When I got older, I found myself wanting to connect more with my grandparents and other family and friends, but hesitated. I was far too shy to call and chat. So I wrote to them. In the process I discovered that writing brings unexpected rewards, an increased sense of connection, and delightful anticipation.”

Richards runs an independent graphic design studio and is founder of Postmark1206, where she blogs, designs, and promotes letter writing as “another way to say hello,” encouraging readers to use letter writing as another form of writing practice.

Her book, Postmark: A Guide to Writing More Letters, Cards, and Notes, looks at the questions, fears, and doubts people share when the topic of letter writing is addressed.

Richards holds a degree in Media Studies (with a concentration in writing and a minor in Deaf Studies) from the University of Southern Maine. Her work at Composition 1206 and Postmark1206, reflect a long-standing curiosity with paper, words, typography, illustration, and design.