Carol Lillieqvist Welsh
360 Square by Maine writer Carol Lillieqvist Welsh

Carol Lillieqvist Welsh

Persistent friends, a fortune cookie, and an emotional life-changing event prompted Carol Lillieqvist Welsh to publish her first work, 360 Square: A Memoir of Adoption and Identity. A thirst for adventure fueled by an underlying quest, and a genetic predisposition toward risk taking, gave birth to Welsh’s story of inspiring strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

Not all adoptions are picture perfect. Welsh’s adoptive environment went from loving to abusive over her childhood years resulting in a journey that led to her unique perspective on adoption from that of adoptee, birthparent, and adoptive parent.

Welsh holds degrees in psychology and human relations, has earned multiple counseling and health-related certifications, and is a registered nurse. She continues her work with foster care and adoption through Camp to Belong Maine, Concerned United Birthparents, and the American Adoption Congress.

Wanting to celebrate her daughter’s adoption with a token of her love, Welsh became frustrated by the lack of jewelry on the market relating to adoption. In true fashion, rising to the challenge, she turned frustration into fruition designing a line of jewelry that can be found on her website, where you will also discover the true significance of 360 Square.