Bette J. Freedson
Soul Mothers' Wisdom by Maine writer Bette Freedson

Bette J. Freedson

Bette J. Freedson is an author, speaker, and clinical social worker practicing in South Berwick, Maine. A graduate of Boston University School of Social Work, Bette is social work consultant to Maine School Administrative District 35. The author of many articles and an expert presenter at conferences, including the Milton H. Erickson Foundation’s Brief Therapy Conference, Freedson’s topics cover aspects of personal growth such as stress management, burnout prevention, effective parenting, and intuitive development. Freedson has been quoted in magazines such as Working Mother, Women’s Day, and Calgary’s Child. She is a “JustAsk Expert” at

Now, Pearlsong Press has just released Bette Freedson’s new book, Soul Mothers’ Wisdom: Seven Insights for the Single Mother. In SMW, Bette draws from her own life experience, her years of acquired clinical knowledge, and from the inspiring stories of other single mothers. With courage and transparency, she shares her story of early loss, marital separation and divorce, the untimely death of her former husband, and the various difficult phases of her single motherhood. Freedson chronicles the struggle of bringing up two daughters while developing a social work career, discovering her psychic intuition and growing into the authenticity of a solid sense of Self.

Using skillful technique that integrates stories with exercises and strategies, Freedson establishes a soothing relationship with her readers, inviting them into a “conversation” in which author and reader can speak safely, “Heart to Heart.” She then outlines seven critical tasks that when accomplished will benefit both the readers and their children. Absorbing the concepts in each of the seven insights/chapters, the reader is guided toward the accomplishment of the critical tasks, later powerfully affirmed in the Epilogue.

With Ideas for reflection tips for understanding and pages for journaling at the end of each chapter, Soul Mothers’ Wisdom becomes a unique personal journal for the reader’s own journey to maturity, resilience, and Self-strength, qualities identified by Freedson as constituting “True MRS.”

Soul Mothers’ Wisdom: Seven Insights for the Single Mother has received affirming advance praise. Famed pediatrician T. Berry Brazelton calls SMW a “fine book full of support for single parents who have to face the job of raising children alone,” and says, “I would advise all single mothers to read it.”