Barbara S. Burt
Stories That Connect Us by Maine writer Barbara Burt

Barbara S. Burt

The peripatetic nature of her career—teacher, bookstore owner, magazine editor, political campaign staffer, musician, writer—is a testament to Barbara Burt's sense of curiosity and yen for exploration. The connecting link throughout has been an urge to hear and tell stories, to seek understanding through open communication.

In 2002, Burt was honored with a PEN-New England Discovery award in young adult fiction for her novel Burn Each Page. Other works for children include Colonial Life: The Adventures of Benjamin Wilcox. Her work on the acquisition of narrative language at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education informs her writing, for example, directly in her contributed chapter in Chameleon Readers: Teaching Children to Appreciate All Kinds of Good Stories, and indirectly in the way she approaches the art of storytelling.

A member of the Transformative Language Arts Network, Burt leads workshops in memoir called From Memory to Memoir. In 2017, she published an anthology of stories and poems by workshop participants.

"While I enjoy writing, and have lately been experimenting with poetry," she says, "I also cherish the opportunity to help other writers tell their own stories. There is no greater honor."