Alice Bolstridge
Chance and Choice by Maine writer Alice Bolstridge

Alice Bolstridge

Alice Bolstridge was born and grew up in Portage, Maine. She has a BS degree in Education from the University of Maine, Presque Isle; an MA in English from UM, Orono; and a Ph. D. in English Literature from Oklahoma State University. She taught Elementary School in Millinocket and English classes at the University of Cincinnati and the Maine School of Science and Mathematics. Retired now, she teaches SAGE classes at UMPI and writes a blog about Peace and Justice issues.

Alice’s poetry chapbook Chance & Choice was published in 2017 by Finishing Line Press. About this book James Cousins, Poet, Professor and Curator of the Elliston Poetry Collection at the University of Cincinnati says, “In an age of postmodern solipsism, Alice Bolstridge’s poems are comfort food. [. . .] Hers is a complex and steady vision of nature and human beings as they really are [. . . .] Relationships—lovers, friends, mother and son, artist and art—are met at eye level, and the eye is compassionate and true. In Bolstridge’s poems, man may think he’s the measure of all things, but it is woman who measures the world. These are poems that can be carried with you.”

Alice’s book, Oppression for the Heaven of It (by Moore Bowen, pseudonym), won the 2013 Kenneth Patchen Award for Experimental Fiction and was published by JEF Books.  Contest judge Harold Jaffe stated, "The winning novel has the virtue of being frank and honest, and, particularly, it addresses an exiled condition—schizophrenia—from the subject position. One rarely finds that. [. . .] the novel has heart, honesty, deep compassion, and addresses a mostly outlawed subject vividly and unselfishly."

Alice has more than 100 publications of poems, stories, and essays in literary magazines and anthologies and has won other awards including Passager Poet Award, 1995 and MWPA Poetry Awards, 2005 & 2011. She is available for book talks or other book events.