Terms and Conditions

If you would like to be profiled on Find Maine Writers, please read the following terms and conditions. *You will be asked to confirm that you have read all terms and conditions before submitting your profile.

  1. Membership Status: Profiled writers must be current on their MWPA membership dues. The MWPA strongly encourages featured writers to follow the honor system and take personal responsibility for ensuring that their membership is current at the $55 or above level. While we do not want to monitor lapsed memberships or remove profiles from the site, featuring lapsed members would be unfair to our other contributing members. Therefore, the MWPA reserves the right to remove or delete the profiles of lapsed members (but please help us avoid this outcome).
  2. Current Membership: If you are already a current MWPA member at a level below $55, but you would like to be profiled on Find Maine Writers before your membership is due for renewal, you can extend your membership, at any time, for another year. For example, if you are six months into your annual $45 membership, you can extend your membership for another year—an additional twelve months on top of the remaining six months—at the $55 or above level. Once your $55 membership renewal has been processed, you can submit your profile. This policy, while it will apply unevenly to current members, was created to simplify and expedite the process. If you are only a month or two into a $45 membership, you might consider voluntarily adding an additional $5 or $10 to your membership renewal out of consideration for other members.
  3. Writer Profiles: Find Maine Writers is reserved for individual writers only. The service does not feature businesses, organizations, or associations. If you are the proprietor of a business, the name and website address of your business can be included in your profile. No exceptions will be made to this policy.
  4. Professional Status: Find Maine Writers is a service intended for working professionals and published writers, whether they are well-established veterans or just beginning their careers. If you are aspiring writer, but you have not yet published professionally or you do not derive an income from writing, you may want to consider waiting until your career has matured.
  5. Resident Status: Find Maine Writers is intended for full-time or part-time Maine residents. Featured writers should follow the honor system—the MWPA will not be monitoring residency status.
  6. Profile Quality: Featured writers must carefully follow our submission instructions when sending us their photos, cover images, biographies, and contact information. Incomplete profiles may not be accepted or processed. Individual contributors are responsible for image quality, grammatical correctness, and factual accuracy. The MWPA may return incomplete or problematic profiles for revision and resubmission.
  7. Profile Processing: All profiles will be updated in the order they are received, and as our workloads and capacity allow. The MWPA is a lean operation, which means that featured writers should not expect their profiles to be processed immediately. Your patience and understanding are appreciated.
  8. Profile Updates: Featured writers are responsible for notifying the MWPA when their profile needs to be updated. As with all submissions, profiles will be updated in the order they are received, and as our workloads and capacity allow. If you would like your profile updated in advance of a certain date—say, before the publication of a new book—please give us a significant amount of lead time, such as two or more weeks. In addition, profiles updates should be limited to no more than twice a year, so please plan ahead and consolidate your updates.
  9. Fraud and Abuse: All profiled writers are expected to submit accurate images, profiles, and information. Fraudsters and spammers will be rejected or removed from the site, as will anyone who attempts to misuse the service in any way. The MWPA has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to misrepresentation, fraud, libel, and abuse. The MWPA reserves the right to decline or remove profiles for any reason, including anyone who is found to have misrepresented themselves or their work. If you have experienced fraud or abuse related to this site, please contact Hannah Perry: perry@mainewriters.org.